Refund Policy

This Privacy Policy describes the privacy practices for the websites of Baruch SLS (“Baruch Senior Ministries,” “we,” “us”) and its programs. This Privacy Policy may be changed at any time; it is the user’s responsibility to understand the most current Privacy Policy when using the website. This Policy was last updated 6/2/2014.

1. Information we collect:

Baruch Senior Ministries collects your personal information, which you give on a voluntary basis. This includes but is not limited to personal contact information, credit card information, and bank account information. We collect this information when you:
a. Submit an inquiry requesting that Baruch Senior Ministries contact you, or
b. Submit an online donation to Baruch Senior Ministries using a credit card or bank account.
Baruch Senior Ministries also collects data concerning your activity on our site using cookies. This information is collected and processed by Google Analytics, and is used solely for the purpose of analyzing site usage.

2. Credit card and bank account information:

Baruch Senior Ministries is never in possession of your credit card data. All transactions are managed by a third party online merchant. Your data is always encrypted and secure, and will never be shared or sold. Your credit card data is not accessible to Baruch Senior Ministries’ staff.
“Stripe” is our current processing merchant, who handles the processing and storing of credit card and bank account information. Their Privacy Policy is accessible here.

3. Contact information/other information:

The contact information and any other information which you choose to share with Baruch Senior Ministries is encrypted and stored by a third-party, and is accessible to Baruch Senior Ministries’ staff. Your information is never sold to a third-party. We will only share your information with a third-party if:
a. We have deemed the third-party to be secure and compliant with our privacy policy,
b. The third-party provides Baruch with a service which directly involves your information, and
c. The third-party will not use your information for purposes other than those of Baruch Senior Ministries.
Your information is never shared with a third-party in order that this third-party might contact you unless on our behalf. If you are contacted by a third-party and suspect that your information was obtained through Baruch Senior Ministries, please contact us.

4. Legal matters:

Your information may be disclosed by Baruch Senior Ministries in the event that it is necessary to do so:
a. to comply with law or government action,
b. to protect or defend our rights or property, or
c. to protect or defend the rights or property of the users of our website or the general public. (i.e. if you pretend to be someone else, we will disclose your information in the ensuing investigation.)

5. Donor Anonymity:

If we ever should desire to use any of your information (for instance, your last name or your company name) on our website or in any other public promotion, we will first contact you and ask for your consent. We will not disseminate your information outside of Baruch Senior Ministries without your consent.

6. Children’s privacy:

Baruch Senior Ministries will never intentionally gather information from children under the age of 13 without the consent of a parent. If we suspect that a child is submitting data, we will contact the child’s parents as soon as possible.